Author's Corner

Is there going to be a Sequel to "The Temporal Knights?"

Yes, there is a sequel in the works, however it could be several years before it's released. It will be titled "The Knights and the Nexus." I'm currently working on two projects and then the Nexus is next!

What are you currently working on?"

Currently I have two projects in the works. The project I'm closest to finishing is a historical romance that follows a pair of lovers through the ages. It's not a new idea, but I hope to give it my own special spin and keep the story exciting and engaging despite the numerous scene changes.The second work is a mystery with a blend of science fiction and legend. Both titles are up in the air at this point.

What character from your books has been your absolute favorite?

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for unexpected heroes, someone who saves the day, and most of the main characters in my books have been sensible people thrown in dangerous, life-threatening situations who must rise up in order to prevail. However, I have to admit the characters that I've enjoyed writing and exploring the story with most have beenthenaughty ones. Specifically Cyn de Baard, the villainess in "Assassin of the Heart." She was a dastardlyand enjoyable character to write. I would actually laugh aloud at times when writing one of her more despicable scenes. She was great fun! I guess the evil characters strike my fancy so much because my life is so law abiding and mundane day after day.