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I am blown away. I absolutely loved this book. I have a pet peeve with have many books, movies and games portray time travel and this book pulled it off. Just enough detail to satisfy my curiosity without building up holes in the story. Looking to see if this book has a sequel!

Jeffrey via Goodreads

(Sorry Jeffery, not yet, but one is definitely percolating up in my brain.)

I've always avoided some books because I don't care for gory or scary reading. I purchased The Black Horseman on my kindle because I heard it was pretty good and pretty cheap. After reading just a few pages I was horrified and tried to skip the bloody parts and move on. Unfortunately, you can't do that in this book. Once I got over the horror I could not put The Black Horseman down. I was up all night dying to finish it and when I had I wanted more. It was well written and believable, and will cause your blood pressure to rise all the way to the last word.

Diabotical via Amazon

This was the best time travel book ever! In depth characters, vivid imagery, and wonderful twist on history. It should definitely be on any sci-fi enthusiast's must read list.

Chris via Amazon

Reviews for The Black Horseman:

When I think I've read it all, there comes an author who manages to surprise and delight me. I haven't had a chance to pull an all nighter with this book but it definitely qualifies for it.This author is incredible talented and is worthy of 6 stars out of 5.

Alex Watts, via Amazon

Reviews for The Temporal Knights:

The brightest dark age tale you will ever read!

The last of the human race escapes to the past to defeat a technologically advanced enemy from the stars. This is a wonderful story that combines history, adventure, political intrigue and love. Once I started I could not put it down, except by necessity to go to work, and then only grudgingly. The story actually diverges into two at one point, then is tied neatly back together at the end. I can't say more without ruining the surprise, so you'll just have to find out yourself.

John Y. via Amazon