Author's Corner

      Well, what is there to say really. I guess the basics will suffice for now. I grew up a navy brat and was born in Virginia near the naval base in Norfolk. However, I have lived in numerous states including Georgia, Tennessee, Florida (very briefly), Iowa and Missouri. I was also fortunate enough to grow up in far off exotic places such as Atsugi, Japan and the island of Newfoundland which is off the east coast of Canada. I now make my home in St. Louis, Missouri and enjoy it immensely.

      I studied creative writing at Iowa State University many, many years ago, but the experience was electric and has stuck with me throughout my life. I had many influential teachers including Michael Martone, who tried and failed to steer me away from science fiction and Jane Smiley, who I butted heads with on several occasions, but nevertheless taught me so much.

      I've loved to read from a young age. Robert Heinlein was the first author to truly capture my imagination, along with Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now there are many more, some of my favorites being, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, James Clavell and Ayn Rand, despite her philosophy.

      When I'm not sitting on my butt writing, I'm sitting on my butt reading. Occasionally I do get out and play a little tennis and hike in the local foothills of Missouri, as well as bike and take in the sights and sounds of the city of St. Louis.

Richard D Parker